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fashioncons's Journal

fashion icons
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WELCOME to fashion cons an icon community for fashion related icons. Feel free to join or watch this community but please read the rules first!

1. If there are more than four icons please use the lj-cut tag, if you don't know how to make an lj- cut check the f.a.q.
2. Posts must contain icons, they cannot merely be a link to an icon post.
3. No bashing, if you don't have anything nice to say... you know the rest.
4. All icons must be FASHION related, they can be of a model, or from a fashion magazine, no actors, musicians, or myspace celebs (or similar this does include cobrasnake) (posts that only contain icons of an actor music group or anything not realted to the theme of this community will be deleted!), please, just fashion related icons. ANY POSTS THAT BREAK THIS RULE WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING.
5. NO hotlinking! And ALWAYS credit and follow the icon makers rules!
6. NO community promo's, if you want to affiliate that's fine but no promo's.

Please abide by the rules, thanks.

loveme_lims - a fashion icon LIMS community.
style_daily - a community that shares celebrity & style pictures.
anjuska - a personal community which contains icons & layouts.
twinklemode - a community containing fashion editorials, graphics, model profiles, latest trends, etc.

We are currently looking for affiliates so if you would like to affiliate please comment here. Thanks!

Layout codes by tokyo disparue.
If you have any questions or comments please direct them here.